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Dating Workshop

Smart Dating ... Better Relating
Beyond Mars and Venus

A Workshop to transform dating from stressful to successful

Dating is a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs. Is it all chemistry? If so, why are there so many disappointments and breakups? Our workshops and individual coaching programs can help you feel confident, reduce feelings of rejection and learn to invite lasting intimacy. Our Smart Dating Program uses proven methods to help you get into the proper mind set for dating and to feel comfortable and confident.

We have known that men and woman have different styles that affect how they experience and communicate their emotions. We now know that all of us have specific "brain styles." The PCS System will teach you how to learn about your unique "brain style" so that you can understand and transform any reactions that are preventing you from having the fulfilling relationship you both desire and deserve. When you are aware of your particular brain style you suddenly understand why you react in certain ways, especially when you are in stressful situations. You will also learn to understand the unique "brain styles" of the people you are dating so that you have greater ease and more fun!

The PCS System is a unique form of emotional education based on cutting edge research that shows how our emotions are formed...and how they can be transformed. Our system has incorporated recent breakthroughs in the understanding of our complex emotional life. Now we can provide you with the tools you need to navigate the stressful process of finding and maintaining a loving relationship.

New Discoveries about the Brain
Did you know that when you're stressed your brain might actually misfire causing you to react in childlike ways? We call this physiological reflex Emotional Dyslexia because like a learning disability a signal is going to the wrong part of your brain. As a result you often end up behaving in ways that are the opposite of how you really want to be. Since we know that looking to love and be loved is extremely stressful we have developed a system that helps you override this stress reflex and be "The Best You that You can be!"

Dating can be a super high…or a super low.
How can you have appropriate emotional reactions as you navigate the dating process? Because you are generally in a highly charged state, your emotions often hijack you and before you know it you are over-reacting, anxious, fearful hopeless or dependent. You may fall in love too fast or become commitment phobic!

The PCS System will help you learn to feel and stay connected to why you are desirable…even when you're faced with the inevitable disappointments and conflicts that occur in all relationships. You will learn:

  • How to invite intimacy
  • To be Open and Generous in giving and receiving love.
  • What you really need in a relationship and how to get it.
  • Deal with difficulties without feeling diminished or rejected.
  • Avoid feeling: What's wrong with me??? What did I do wrong? It's Hopeless…they're all jerks! I'm too old! Too fat! Too needy!

As part of the Smart Dating program, you will learn how to express your needs without feeling ashamed, embarrassed or needy. The PCS SYSTEM will teach you how you can have a dignified relationship that satisfies your own needs, and subsequently learn to express yourself in an appealing and comfortable style.

You can develop the skills for real intimacy, closeness and caring!

Learning to Live with Differences
Too often in intimate relationships, we feel threatened by differences. We think that a loving connection is based on sameness. Differences are interpreted as rejections. In our smart dating program you will learn to recognize the differences and to find the positive intent in another's behavior. Just as importantly, you will learn to communicate your own positive intent—so that the inevitable differences feel more comfortable and are not seen as negatively motivated.

The PCS System will help you Create a Stronger, Better Relationship!

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