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Workshop Content

Introductory Workshop

The Personal Change System Invites You to Attend Our Unique Introductory Workshop

PCS will teach you the skills you need to accelerate your emotional growth. The PCS System can be used to transform any emotional pattern that is causing you discomfort, stress or pain.

The Personal Change System is New, Different and Powerful

All human beings have an innate desire for growth. When growth does not occur there is always an interference that blocks this natural drive. The PCS system is a unique form of emotional education that identifies and transforms the interferences to your achieving greater mastery.

Recent scientific research has revolutionized our understanding of how our emotions are formed and how they can be transformed. PCS integrates this cutting edge research and accelerates the growth process. With this new information you replace self blame and frustration with compassion and excitement. You were never taught how to train your brain to work more effectively. You just didn't have the tools… until now!

Important Aspects of Our Work

Positive Intent, we demonstrate that you are never avoiding change out of resistance, laziness or stupidity. This is true no matter no matter how frustrated or hopeless you may feel about making change.The problem has been that you just didn't have the kind of "emotional education" that is now available through our system.

Emotional Dyslexia, a biological reflex in your brain that is triggered by stress. When you are stressed and need your brain working at its highest level, you are physiologically triggered into childlike responses. This biological reflex sends signals to your primitive brain instead of your adult brain. You to react in ways that produce outcomes that are the opposite of those you truly desire. (ED is as physiological as the learning disability that causes people to read letters backwards). Now we finally know that what was previously thought of as a psychological phenomenon is really a physiological response to stress!

Brain style, science teaches us that we each have a unique "brain style". PCS helps you to understand your own "brain style" and gives you the specific tools that will accelerate your ability to change. You will learn to understand the "brain style" of those around you and this will makes you capable of greater intimacy and a more effective communicator.

The PCS System teaches you how to train your brain to function more effectively!

We have worked successfully in the following areas:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive and compulsive behaviors
  • Eating disorders
  • Intimacy-creating and maintaining fulfilling relationships
  • Parenting
  • Maximizing your resources personally, professionally and spiritually
  • Coping with illness, yours or a loved ones.
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