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Workshop Content

The Personal Change System Invites You to Attend
A Unique Workshop

"The New Psychology for the New Normal"

Since 9/11 the constant threat of terrorism has added to our already stressful lives.

We now have the knowledge to provide a new form of emotional education that will give us the resources we need to stimulate and grow our ever evolving minds and develop a "New Psychology for The New Normal." This new way of being allows us to connect to ourselves and others even as we experience a complex set of emotions that include fear, confusion, anxiety, anger, conflict and at times despair. The stakes are higher now and so is our need to function at our best!

The Personal Change System is New, Different and Powerful!

Fortunately at this same time, new discoveries about the brain are improving our understanding of how emotional well-being can be attained and most of all maintained. We now know that our brains are ever evolving, thus creating opportunities for change and growth never before imagined. PCS is an exciting program of emotional education that teaches you how to exercise your brain, thereby strengthening your ability to reduce stress, invite intimacy and allow for more effective problem solving (both emotionally and pragmatically)

PCS has integrated the wisdom of both Eastern and Western culture and has created a program that is easy to integrate into your already existing life. The "tools" we provide are personalized and relate to your unique "brain style" and they will produce quick and lasting change.

Issues to be covered in this workshop:

  • How can I learn to stay connected to the positives in my life energy as a way of antidoting the stress I am feeling?
  • How can I learn to create the impact I desire?
  • How can I promote greater understanding even when my views are diametrically opposed to those around me?
  • How can I become a better listener and learn to understand where others are coming from, especially when my views are diametrically opposed to theirs?
  • How can I tolerate the ambiguities and confusion that this new stress creates?
  • What is an appropriate level of anxiety to feel when there is a high alert? Should I be afraid to use the subway? Should I have plastic and duct tape in my apartment? Antibiotics? Potassium iodide?
  • How can I invite the support I need?
  • If my friends are not afraid, are they in denial…or am I overreacting?
  • How do I deal with my spouse, friends or colleagues when their reactions are so different from my own?
  • How can I avoid being rigid (using black and white thinking) to try to make myself feel safe in an uncertain world?
  • How can I stay open to new ideas in the world with problems never imagined before?
  • How can I develop compassion for myself and others as our stress responses are likely to provoke fear, anger and rigidity?
  • What is appropriate support in times like these?
  • Am I being an irresponsible parent if I remain living in New York?
  • How do I manage my own fear, confusion or anger so that I can protect my children? How can I reassure them if I'm not feeling safe myself?
  • If I'm single what can I do when I feel anxious when the news is frightening or depressing and I am alone with no one to comfort me?
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